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Eye Tests and Examinations Melbourne

Bulk Bill Eye Tests Through Medicare

We Bulk Bill eye tests through Medicare servicing Prahran, South Yarra, St. Kilda & the surrounding areas.

In the same way that every person is unique, so too are your eyes. At Eye Connection, our Optometrist Michael is highly trained to perform thorough eye checks and examinations, utilising the latest technology in eye care.

This technology allows us to screen your eyes for systemic and ocular conditions like cataract, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Also checking for signs in the eye that may suggest:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Macular Degeneration testing
  • Binocular vision products (common in children)
  • Different colour vision dysfunctions
  • Other systemic conditions

Macular Degeneration Videos

Comprehensive Eye Test

An initial patient interview is conducted to find out your exact needs and problems.One of the most important parts of the eye test process is communication between the optometrist and the patient.This is often skipped because it is considered a time waster for the practitioner. The following protocol will be followed before we begin the technical collection of data about your eyes.

  • finding out about you and your vision needs.
  • finding out about your previous eye health history
  • finding out about your general health and any family history of eye conditions.
after collecting the above information we will be then in a position to accurately determine whether any further expertise is required ie computer eye strain and/or dry eye evaluations.

Eye Test Consultation


  • assessing any eye wear and lens care systems in use
  • measuring your vision and the focusing ability of your eye
  • determining if any eyewear is equired and,if so what prescription gives you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible
  • the correct optical correction,whether it is eye glasses,contact lenses or maybevision hygiene may be required.
  • assessing your overall eye health,both externally and internally for conditions such as macular degeneration,glaucoma, cataract.,and diabetic related eye conditions.

Recommendations after Examination Completed

We will then discuss the findings with you and make recommendations tailored to your eye health needs. If contact lenses are required, we will help you choose lenses and a lens care system that will be suitable for your visual needs. If contact lenses are prescribed you will be taught how to insert and remove the contact lenses safely and how to clean and care for them correctly. If glasses are required our expert frame stylist will help you choose frames that suit your individual personality, face shape while considering your budget at the same time.

Occasionally referral to an ophthalmologist or other specialists may be required. We are familiar with the best ophthalmologists in their respective specialities.

Please refer to our article on eye strain for more information here.